Sub by condition or whatever the term is, not including medals and GK. Please place left foot CB on the left side of the pitch, and same the right side. The top 2 CBs on the bench are left footed and the bottom 2 CBs are right footed.

Time out at 20' and turn on attacking full backs.
If down by 2 in the first half, use the concession to turn on gegen until the end of the first half.

By half time, if /m/'s attacking area down the middle is 60% or greater, swap attacking full back to false full back.

If /m/ are ahead at 66 min, use the second timeout to switch to preset 3 with short wide maintain SR 4, sub out the OOP CB with an RMF and sub most tired non medals non GKs.

+1 at 75 if not winning.

If Kanye West scored a goal and we won, play instead of King of Carrot Flowers